About us

We’re an enterprise dedicated to the construction on carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys and non ferrous steels for the most diverse uses on industrial applications in general, also for petroleum and gas in particular.

GASPETROL Ltd is a cooperative enterprise born from Felta S.A., former enterprise found in the 1978 which in 2011 was presented in call of creditors.

The cooperative GASPETROL Ltd. is conformed by ex employees, they formally establish a cooperative in march 2012′ in order to keep their works. They’re dedicated to the manufacture of;

  • Gas, petroleum industry equipment and metalworking
  • Piping prefab
  • Steel structures
  • Steel sheet cutting and rolling
  • Big size columns and towers construction
  • We have a modern and competitive workshop, our vast experience and know how also avails us

Beside our well known trajectory all of our welding process are ASME IX, AWS D1.1 and API qualified.

We count on highly qualified personnel compromised on customer satisfaction.

Trajectory, quality, confidence and experience are our most valuable principles in our organization and constitute a great difference for those who choose us.

Some of our customers are

And some of our end customers are